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Blog Traffic - for advertising program

Blog Traffic - for advertising program - Blog Traffic There are many articles that discuss how to increase traffic to your blog / web. Each has a different way to remember who each other's experiences Blogger / Webmaster is also not the same. Well on this occasion Open Secret Blogspot will share a little insight & experience about the efforts to raise your blog traffic. In previous articles, I've discussed about how to increase the number of pageview blog. Is it the same? No. Traffic is much more complex than the number of page view, despite efforts to raise almost the same. Blog traffic is used as an ingredient analysis of your blog / website as a whole to know many things, from the level of visitors (visitors), page view, to the prevailing trends reply. Traffic is the main purpose of the various businesses who do bloggers / webmasters. Therefore, this article will be quite long: p, although the point is 10 points summarize the important effort to increase blog traffic.

What Is Traffic Blog / Website ?
Traffic blog / website is the amount of data being sent / received visitors from / to a blog / website. Traffic was determined from the number of visitors and the number who visited the page. Blog / web using this data to determine the traffic that comes and goes (incoming and outgoing traffic), which pages are most visited yg (popular), who became the topic of any trend, and to know the level of visitors as well as the popularity of your blog / website as a whole. This data is then used to evaluate the structure blog / web, determining the topic, see the weaknesses, etc..

So, traffic blog / web far more than just a blog crowd indicators. If we can use data traffic well, we can fix many things and continue to increase traffic. One of the traffic analysis services who best known of course is Alexa. We can see the conditions of your blog / website in terms of number of visitors, reach, page view, search, demographics of visitors, search trends, bounce rate, etc.. Other traffic analysis services who is more complex and has a deep analysis is Google Analytics.

Judul: Blog Traffic - for advertising program
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Blog Traffic - for advertising program

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informative!!.. i followed your tips. it was very useful and it worked for me. i also got official assistance from TheWebPole.com

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Nikhil @ Thanks a lot
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