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Tricks Premium download on 4shared 2nd Tricks

Tricks Premium download on 4shared 2nd Tricks - Hi all, i am back again with tricks Premium download on 4shared, after premium downloads trick ago,

now there are more tricks download without waiting time, now we try to download with the use of JavaScript and if you need information about The Best SUV Car u can click this link (hahahaha just for information if you want to help me rate and comment on the post).

Previously, I say Merry Happy (for those who celebrate), hopefully with the presence of 25 Deseber this, providing both peace for our souls, and our environment. Amiiiiiin! back to the laptop,

this trick may have a lot of it's shared on other blogs, but the way he has been known to the mod 4shared, so we downloaded the file url becomes expired. Ok, without lingering, the following trick premium download without waiting time on 4shared with JavaScript:

Specify the file will be downloaded

Click the "Download now no virus detected" as usual Once the page opens and there is quite a long time back (about 500 seconds), this command is typed in the address bar: javascript: alert (c = 1) Then please download the files you want without having to wait long.

Judul: Tricks Premium download on 4shared 2nd Tricks
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Tricks Premium download on 4shared 2nd Tricks

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