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Avoid This 3 Characters

Avoid This 3 Characters - When running an online business, you HAVE to throw away the third character:

Character 1: How Business But Mindsetnya "I Want Free!"?:
Many people have asked me:
"Sir, if after purchasing your product X that I have no need anymore keluarin cost at all and I will get the results I want."
And to them I say:
Product X I will shorten the time, effort, and money to learn a topic related to X. To get the result (in this case income), you still need to pay other costs in this world because there is no one product that can solve all your problems.
If in English, there is no "one size fits all" solution.
And the product X (or whatever information products) it was limited to teaching "how to". This means that to apply the methods and ways that are taught, you still need to pay other costs such as marketing costs, domain, hosting, autoresponders, design costs, the cost of the script, the cost of programmers, etc..
Sure, today's Internet world has a lot of things that completely free. But to really want to run an Internet business can get the REAL results, you still need to pay more than the cost that you spend to buy product X.
I have discussed this point in this article that I wrote some time ago.
The point is if you want serious business on the Internet, you also must be prepared to invest your funds.
Play wrote to the cost, let alone a business!

Character: 2: People Do not Want / Lazy to Read
Quite often I get questions like:
- "I want to buy Mr. Nge Blog get money, how?"
- "Accept Payment via BCA ga?"
- "What is taught in Nge Blog get money?"
Questions like these show that people are asking is not willing (or lazy) to read the information has been provided on the site Nge Blog get money.
However, if he had read (thoroughly have really deh ga, just skimming it), the answer is already on the site.
If you read only lazy, willing to learn how to do business on the Internet (which is much more difficult)?

Character 3: Background I am not IT, so how could I Online? 
This could be called one of the reasons that the classic that is often used in human beings everywhere, including people outside of foreigners there.
Honestly, once when I was in college I majored in management informatics. Because my background is, run an Internet business is easier than if I majored in, for example, accounting or management.
But that does not mean someone who does not have the background to successful IT can not run an Internet business.
In fact, in my opinion, the background is more important to run an Internet business is a marketing background.
Because the science of marketing, you can create a marketing strategy for products / services you or anyone else.
I do not understand programming. I also do not understand graphic design. I only know a little HTML, using FTP, buying and setting the domain and hosting it.
how i can run an Internet business? Bete many Internet marketers who do not have the IT background but can be successful?

In conclusion:
Start a business and build an ZERO, whether it's offline or online business, it is not easy.
If you want more specifically, running a business is a difficult.
That's why most people are employees / employee (employee) and only a minority of people is a businessman (entrepreneur).
It is difficult that would automatically "sacrifice" and "resilient" few in number.
It is easy to also willing to do it automatically lot.
It is a law of nature ...

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