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Advertising Insert in Status Facebook

Advertising Insert in Status Facebook -


Various status and activities of Facebook users might someday be inserted Advertising. Service providers in the world's largest social media is currently testing the integration of the corporate sponsor messages to news feeds of status and activities of the user.

"This trial allows brand owners to market their products to Facebook users as a whole," said Annie Ta, Facebook spokesperson, in a statement via e-mail to Mashable.

During these ads and sponsored links just go to the user who is declared like to sponsor pages on Facebook. Annie Ta said, this ad is scheduled to appear either on the desktop or on mobile devices such as mobile phones.

This ad will shape not unlike the current posts, but will be clearly labeled as "sponsored". In the top right corner of the facility will be "like". As with conventional advertisements, product or brand owner must pay to reach hundreds of millions of Facebook users around the world.

Brand owners have full control over their Advertising, such as whether it will be published daily or for a certain period. Facebook just will charge based on the clicks received.
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Advertising Insert in Status Facebook

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