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Savety Personal Car

Savety Personal Car - Car is an asset. So, do not carelessly treat your car, including the parking lot. You see, the current range of both two-wheeled vehicle theft and four remain high. Sure, almost every day another victim of vehicle loss.

On this issue seems to be not only the responsibility of officers, parking attendants or guards alone, but also the responsibility of the owner himself.

Here are some tips that obtained from a mailing list (mailing list) the contents of information about maintaining our assets in the form of the car to be safe or at least be spared from evil.
If you use the services of a driver to slide all over the place and counted it will take a little longer, then you should not be left to the driver was waiting in the car. Why? You see, the thief can easily hold up the driver and asked for the keys and the letters. If the driver may actually be fighting for his life. So, should he be asked to leave and wait outside the locked car while continuing to oversee the car.
If not using a driver and a car accident that you are the type of vehicle used by a certain circle called the "Car Millions of Ummah" aka the Toyota Kijang, it is advisable to unplug the distributor or distributors all keys and steering wheel mounted a cross-shaped stick in the middle of the steering wheel. Not suggested that the model base ball stick just sticking above. By the thief because the steering wheel can be removed and replaced with his own steering wheel.
What about the alarm? If this is the only "keeper" car, then this is not recommended. Because, from a few observations and experience, the alarm is not considered effective because it is often seen a car alarm blaring ask for attention even by some guards that are around are left. Suggested, in addition to the alarm, there is another form of anticipation.
Another modus operandi is to remove a car license plate in the parking lot, then replaced with the car number plate thieves. Well, the thief was coming out with ease, while showing him a parking ticket by a parking record is valid. Once outside the license plate is opened and then come back and installed in his car, then out again as he reported to the guards that parking ticket is lost. And when checked by a qualified parking, so he can show the completeness of the vehicle including all valid vehicle registration, license plate number is true, correct engine number, body number bener. Could be, he's just fined several thousand dollars but he can roll out as you steal the car.

Loss of a vehicle accident that was not like we all go through, especially if not insured, can be more worse again.

Well, caution against its own assets rather than needs to be done now, especially in Jakarta. Because our negligence, then the loss of our assets. That said, Jakarta is often equated with "wilderness". This is Jakarta Man! Welcome to the Jungle.

Judul: Savety Personal Car
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