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Bancassurance: BNI Aims 1.6 million policyholders Prudential

Bancassurance: BNI Aims 1.6 million policyholders Prudential - bni

JAKARTA - PT Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI) targeting 1.6 million policyholders Prudential Indonesia to become customers of their cooperation through the signing of premium payments.

"Currently there are around 60,000 customers who use the BNI as a partner Prudential insurance policy payments, with this partnership we are targeting growth at least two-fold," said Director of Consumer and Retail BNI, Darmadi Sutanto said after the signing ceremony in Jakarta on Wednesday.

Although optimistic about the potential to increase cooperation non-interest income ("fee-based income") Prudential premium payments that reached Rp350-Rp400 million per month, a senior official said that growth can not be achieved within the near future.

"Within six months to a year is we expect to consistently doubled in value," said a senior official.

Cooperation Darmadi mean it is an extension of regular premium payment service with the "auto-debit" BNI, despite earlier BNI-Prudential has worked for premium payment through ATM facility.

Besides working with Prudential, said the senior official, it will continue to increase "fee-based income" from other insurance companies.

"We continue to explore opportunities, to date there are about 10 life insurance that has been explored, we also serve some insurance payments," he said.

Going forward, the unification of the system of electronic payment channels such as BNI ATM, SMS Banking and Internet Banking, Darmadi hope "fee-based income," the company also increases the integration done it.

Electronic transactions through the facilities listed BNI continues to grow, with the number of users of e-banking to reach 9 million debit card customers, 1.56 million BNI PhonePlus, 582 thousand users of internet banking, as well as 3.23 million customers who use SMS banking.

Achieving transaction volume BNI PhonePlus reach Rp53, 37 billion by the first half of 2012, while internet banking transaction volume sebsar BNI record 2.121 trillion and SMS banking reach Rp1, 01 trillion

Judul: Bancassurance: BNI Aims 1.6 million policyholders Prudential
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Bancassurance: BNI Aims 1.6 million policyholders Prudential

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