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Google turns Ever Rent Goats

Google turns Ever Rent Goats - Google Ternyata Pernah Menyewakan Kambing

For those of you who like to open up the Internet, Google's name is sure to be the first page that you remember. However, do you know if the company is celebrating the birthday-15 has some interesting facts that not much is known. Here are some facts:

1. First Google Doodle

Search engine Google homepage or Google Doodle is often alternated. At the 2012 London Olympics, for example, the background, writing, and symbols listed in Google's related to the Games. Or when yesterday August 17, there is a picture race sack race.
But, you know, the first Google Doodle was designed as a kind of message "out of office"?
In 1998, the duo creator Brin and Larry Page took a vacation to the Burning Man festival in Nevada. So as not disturbed during the holidays, the folks Google Doodle Burning Man then adding them to let users know that they are out of the office and unable to fix technical problems, such as damage to the server.

2. Figures Google IPO

Google IPO offer price (IPO) in August 2004 was only U.S. $ 85 per share. At the time of writing, the price changed to $ 483. In 2010, the price reached U.S. $ 600. And in the first quarter of 2012, Google melaoprkan profits reached U.S. $ 2.89 billion (Rp 26 trillion). This makes Google a popular investment tool many people.

3. First Data Storage Site Google

Google's data storage area originally came from Lego. The reason, such storage is cheaper and easily expanded. Lego is used while developing a research project in 1996 backrub. They use 10 pieces each HDD with capacity of as much as 4 GB.

4. Tweets First Google

Google first chirp sounds, »I'm 01,100,110 01,100,101 01,100,101 01,101,100 01,101,001 01,101,110 01,100,111 00,100,000 01,101,100 01,110,101 01,100,011 01,101,011 01,111,001 00,001. 010. "

Did you know that sentence mean? It turns out the instructions in the binary language that means "I feel lucky." The same phrase in the main page of the search engine.

5. Google Never Rent Goats

Not only could find data, it turns out I had been renting goats. This happens when the April Fool. Google rents goats from California Grazing companies to reduce the amount of weeds in Google HQ.

6. Google's use of the language

Although Merriam-Webster and the Oxford English Dictionary added the word "google" in their word list in 2006, but it seems I was not too pleased with this progress. "We want you to only use the word 'google' only to refer to Google Inc. and our services," the company said.

7. Google Friends with Dogs

The search engine Google is a company that is friendly to dogs. A dog named Yoshka, allowed into the office to accompany Urs Hölzle, Senior VP of Operations. Not only that, some of the senior staff are also allowed to bring their dogs to the office.

However, this does not apply to cats. In terms of Google, cat barred from office. "We like cats, but we are a dog. So as a general rule, we feel cats visiting it would make the dog quite depressed."

8. Snack First Order

In February 1999, Swedish Fish chewy candy being ordered food the first time by the Google offices. Although this may seem trivial, but for a company as big as Google are used to deliver food and beverages to its employees, it becomes interesting.

9. Google Logo Not Balanced

If you are an early user of Google, maybe you will remember when this first search engine logo was never right in the middle of the main page. His writing is a bit to the left until March 31, 2001. Even in 1998, Google put an exclamation mark exclamation similar to Yahoo.

10. Google Company Has Dinosaurs

In the office there are many interesting sights Googleplex, one dinosaur skeleton. Ancient animals manifold T-Rex was nicknamed "Stan". Reportedly, once discovered dino "real" nearby.

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