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HAJJ 2012: This 8 Step Maintaining Health Conditions

HAJJ 2012: This 8 Step Maintaining Health Conditions - Hajj 2012

JAKARTA: These days Indonesian pilgrims began leaving for the Holy Land. For those who will go to Mecca, have both physical preparation, equipment, and health.

Prof. Tjandra Yoga Aditama, Director General of Disease Control and Environmental Health (P2PL) Ministry of Health, health messages delivered some of the pilgrims who will go on the Hajj 2012.

Here are some health messages conveyed pilgrims today (Friday 21/9):

1. Check readiness last drugs to be carried. Do not let anyone but the drug needs to be left behind, and make sure it's enough since departed to return to the country.

2. If in Indonesia since the existing common chronic disease in the suffering, then check out as well - if there is - a letter from the doctor who cared for, to be given to the doctor or doctors kloter and Sector / Polyclinics Haji Indonesia (BPHI) Mecca and Medina , so that health workers know the basic history of our disease, so treatment in Saudi Arabia can be better again.

3. Indeed, there are often a variety of events usually lived with relatives before departing, but remember not to be too tired, to travel a few hours on a plane to go well.

4. During the hajj embarkation in the dorm, a few things to note is the follow health checks, multiply the rest, do not forget to take medication, if any, remedy should be consumed regularly because of certain diseases. If no health complaints, contact the clinic at the hostel segerta run embarkation Port Health Office (KKP) Directorate General of the local P2PL.

5. During the flight, the main course practicing, and keep health. Arriving in Jeddah, also available healthcare facilities in Indonesia. In the course of Jeddah-Madinah, remain health conscious.

6. Arriving in Madinah, try to take a break at the lodge for a new long journey. If it's a fresh body, new left the Prophet's Mosque to worship.

7. Remember that the day of Arafah which is the peak Hajj is still quite far ahead. So, do not spend too much energy while in Madinah, especially roads that are not really necessary.

8. During the trip, follow the advice of health workers in order to stay healthy. "Congratulations performing Hajj, Hajj Mabrur hopefully, and stay healthy," said Tjandra.

Judul: HAJJ 2012: This 8 Step Maintaining Health Conditions
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HAJJ 2012: This 8 Step Maintaining Health Conditions

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