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Investing Retirement Funds Industry to Reach Rp 145 billion

Investing Retirement Funds Industry to Reach Rp 145 billion - jiwasraya

JAKARTA: Value investing their pension fund industry continues to grow throughout the year with touching Rp145, 2 trillion by the end of July 2012, grew 4.45% compared to the end of 2011, which recorded Rp136, 13 trillion

Performance for 7 month only meet about 45% of the projected Capital Market Supervisory Agency and Financial Institution (Bapepam-​​LK) are hoping the investment industry Pension Fund (Pension Fund) can grow at least 10% this year.

Dumoly F Pardede, Head of Pension Fund Bapepam-LK, said that currently there are 272 actively operating Pension Fund. "In general, the performance of Pension Fund increased and investment strategy in accordance with a maturity of obligations," he told reporters last week.
More details he describes government and corporate bonds are still the main choice of the Pension Fund in investing and followed by the placement of funds in a portfolio of mutual funds. Bond so popular choice, besides the price is relatively predictable and can match the tenor and direction of Pension Fund investment plans.

Reason, further Dumoly, making Pension Fund administrators flexibility in adjusting to the Pension Fund liability maturity investment portfolio. As for the global conditions still indicate uncertainty, according to him does not significantly affect the current Pension Fund investment strategy.

According Dumoly, there are two issues of concern to the Pension Fund of businesses today, namely the conversion of new accounting standards and plans for the establishment of the Social Security Providing (BPJS). "Currently Pension Fund currently consolidating the new international accounting system," he said without elaborating further.

However, migration to BPJS related, according to him was not much to worry about. "Because the program is a program of the premium pension on top of the basic program in BPJS," he said. (faa)

Judul: Investing Retirement Funds Industry to Reach Rp 145 billion
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Investing Retirement Funds Industry to Reach Rp 145 billion

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