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Microfinance CARREFOUR Involve the Sahabat Cipta & 7 BMT

Microfinance CARREFOUR Involve the Sahabat Cipta & 7 BMT - carrefour

JAKARTA: PT Carrefour Indonesia implement Microfinance Program Carrefour (MFPC) in cooperation with the foundation Sahabat Cipta and seven Baitul Maal wa Tamwil (BMT) for print 1000 new micro the budget year's 2012-2013.

"This is our second year to manage the funds of the Carrefour Foundation, Paris, to empower communities by channeling funds through 7 BMT micro loans in the Greater Jakarta and Bandung, West Java," said Aldi S Surianingrat, Executive Director of Friends of Notices, today, Thursday (11.10.2012).

The first year the program the 2010-2011 budget assisted with only five BMT could be channeled to the 643 micro-businesses with total funds of USD 1.5 billion from USD 2.3 billion in funds disbursed. The remaining funds, he used for training and mentoring in addition to the management fee.

"This year up to August was 331 micro and target assistance to April next year we can deliver 1000 new micro-enterprises can be achieved," said Hendrik Adrianto accompanied Aldi, Head of External Communication and CSR PT Carrefour Indonesia.

According to him the appreciation of Carrefour Foundation for the development of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Indonesia is high so that the foundation is encouraging efforts Carrefour Indonesia to run the program which will be transmitted on the network also Carrefour world.

Starting in October, said Aldi, two BMT again joined with the Foundation Sahabat Cipta which are in addition to micro-entrepreneurs are taught to be disciplined in doing installments, are also required insured savings and insurance.

So far from the revolving fund program in the first year has been good so years later the funds collected three larger and more extensive coverage will also. Approximately 60% of the micro-entrepreneurs engaged in the culinary sector of food and drink, the rest in services.

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Microfinance CARREFOUR Involve the Sahabat Cipta & 7 BMT

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