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Via OpenSpaces, Google Combine Street Art and HTML 5

Via OpenSpaces, Google Combine Street Art and HTML 5 - google

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com - Want to further demonstrate the capabilities of HTML 5 browser, Google will soon launch a site called Open Spaces. The site ditujukkan for you lovers of world street art (graffiti).

Open Spaces is a platform for users to create a digital version of street art designs. The work of street art are later can be uploaded to a gallery that can be viewed by all people in the world.

Open Spaces is similar to Paint application that can be found in Windows. The difference, Paint is an application that can stand on its own, while the Open Spaces have to be accessed through an Internet browser.

"Open Spaces can be accessed through any browser. However, Open Spaces is running more optimally in Chrome," he added Zulkarnain, Country Marketing Manager for Google Indonesia.

"This application can be accessed through openspaces.co.id and built on HTML 5," said Krishna.

In addition, Open Spaces only equipped with simple tools, not as complex as Paint.

"We made OpenSpaces simple as possible so that everyone can use, whether for professional or not," said Krishna.

We also wanted to bring together street artist with the audience more appreciative of their work.

"Through Open Spaces, we want to bring the artist to his audience," says Krishna.

To welcome the presence of Open Spaces will be, I will hold a small competition. For the best work in the Gallery, the user can "move" images on the Gallery to the walls of the house!

The winner will be determined by the results of vote. In total there are 9 wall that had been prepared by Google.

Unfortunately, there is no more detailed information about the competition. I was about to reveal all the information currently Open Spaces already live in the coming weeks.

Judul: Via OpenSpaces, Google Combine Street Art and HTML 5
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Via OpenSpaces, Google Combine Street Art and HTML 5

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