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Auto Advertising: New Piaggio Fly The Elegant

Auto Advertising: New Piaggio Fly The Elegant - Piagio Fly News

Piaggio Fly newest officially slid in October. Shown with an elegant design packaging that looks like a scooter big established. Still offer functionality and simple from an Italian motorcycle agile and stylish.

This time, New Fly carved carefully and in detail to look so attractive. use the element chromium coating on the lights and the front shield. The uniquely designed 12-inch alloy wheels with five pairs of blades. Tubless tires with the same size 120/70.

Easy to use, it is shown in New Fly through an easily accessible seat height, although able to carry a helmet compartment. Model of two-up seat saddle only 760 mm from the ground.

Deck sections are also presented for the position of the foot can be moved more freely. The position of the fuel tank is now under the foot mat, this is to accommodate the abundant fit on luggage, especially untu kpenyimpanan helmet (2 semi-jet helmet with visor).

New Fly now adopted the middle standard and standard side (the ignition inhibitor). So the driver can be more secure because there is a sensor next to the standard engine stop.

Ensures better control, new Fly has used a new frame is made of steel pipes that are engineered to be sturdy. Piaggio called Open Single Cradle Structure. Front suspension telescopic hydraulic fork model of diameter 32 mm. While the swing arm rear mono shock.

The system applies braking discs front and 220 mm at the rear for the 125 cc version. As for the 50 cc version of the course using only the front discs and 220 mm rear brake drum diameter 140 mm models.

Fly to new engine capacity of 125 cc single cylinder using three valves (two intake and one exhaust), SOHC (Single Over Head Cam-shaft) and electronic injection. This machine is to guarantee the level of fuel efficiency is very good as 50 kpl.

While the new engine on the new Fly 50 cc 4-stroke this type, even using in-cylinder four-valve single. Fly guaranteed to deliver acceleration similar to a type 50 cc 2-step, but with the fuel efficiency much better.

Judul: Auto Advertising: New Piaggio Fly The Elegant
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Auto Advertising: New Piaggio Fly The Elegant

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