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Automotive Tips: Treatment Slide Door for your car

Automotive Tips: Treatment Slide Door for your car - Sleading Doors

Treatment is quite simple sliding doors, but not necessarily be underestimated.

One reason for choosing sliding doors for manufacturing automotive MPV they make is easy access to the cabin. The mechanism of the door itself, can be electrically or manually. The door has a series of components that are not as complicated machine. However, as usage and age, these devices also need treatment.

"The important thing is keeping the rails and bearings. From some of the complaints we received, the main cause comes from the breakdown of the door because of the conditions that are less clean, so rusty, "said Ismail Nugroho, head of Hyundai Cars Automotive Repair, on Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda, South Jakarta. "Basically, the door is designed for low maintenance. Therefore, treatment is fairly easy and can be done alone. "

Therefore, for those of you who have a car sliding doors (for example the Hyundai H-1), the following guidelines can maintain the condition of the doors fit. Also provide a cleaning fluid, fat, and rags.

1. Wacth rail conditions. Use a clean cloth that has been sprayed cleaning fluid (lubricating spray) to remove residual dirt and grease. 2. After rail cleaned, rub rails with grease (lubricant pastes) containing paraffin (avoid fat-containing oil because it will allow dust attached). 3. Forward backing door a few moments. When the door sounded rowdy, the less bearing lubrication. 4. Clean up all the bearing contact with the rail. 5. Sliding door mechanism is designed to be easily closed shortly after the handle is operated. So, do not need a lot of energy to move it. If too often slammed, the mechanism could be short-lived hook. So tips for your automotive vehicles using sliding doors

Judul: Automotive Tips: Treatment Slide Door for your car
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Automotive Tips: Treatment Slide Door for your car

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