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BUSINESS INSURANCE: Protection airlines worked

BUSINESS INSURANCE: Protection airlines worked - merpati

JAKARTA: Indonesia Travel Association (Asita) Jakarta and the Association of Flight Ticket Sales Indonesia (Astindo) with PT Jakarta Raya and PT Insurance Mega Life Insurance to cover losses on the closure of the airline.

Business Development Coordinator Asita Jakarta Anton N. Sumarli said this during a company selling airline tickets and tour company has always been the injured party in the event of closure of business of an airline.

He pointed at the close of business some time ago Mandala Airlines, deposit funds belonging to members Astindo and Asita placed on the airline's Rp 15 billion charred and did not return.

In case of closure of Adam Air a few years ago, he said, the firm loses the ticket seller and agent / agency of not refunding deposits almost Rp30 billion.

So even in some cases the closure of other airlines. They do not refund the deposit ticket seller owned companies and travel agents stationed at the airline. The reason being financial.

"So we took the insurance to provide protection if there is such a thing anymore, we can re-deposit the funds," he said on Thursday (4/10).

President Director of PT Asuransi Kingdom Maramis Arend said it provides deposit insurance fund that is placed on a company selling airline tickets and agent / agency in the airline.

With this partnership, he said, corporate travel agents and ticket sellers will no longer suffer the closure happened to the airline.

"In us, this makes for a performance surety bond products, in order to guarantee top-up funds that could have been paid to the airlines covered. We also backup reinsurance," he said.

Judul: BUSINESS INSURANCE: Protection airlines worked
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BUSINESS INSURANCE: Protection airlines worked

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