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Insurance Motivation 8 keys financial needs

Insurance Motivation 8 keys financial needs -
insurance motivation
Hai now i want sharing about insurance motivation : There are 8 human needs related to finance (8 keys financial needs), among others:

1. Business Development (Business)
2. Cruises, Recreation
3. Education
4. Savings
5. Development of Assets
6. Health
7. Pension
8. Legacy

According to you, from the 8 needs above the needs anywhere you need? Is there anything you do not need, or do you need them?

If you ask me, the answer is "I NEED EVERYTHING!"

And I think, in your conscience definite answer with my answer, you need all of them, Right?

Now, let us suppose for a moment. Imagine in our lives, what will happen some time in the future. No one knows even one minute to the next-even we do not know what will happen. If we are exposed to risk (critical illness, permanent disability due to accident / illness, or death) is no guarantee of the eight requirements above will still exist for a wife / husband and our children?

Well, maybe I'm on the supposition is too heavy for you. I simplify it this way, would you drive a car from Surabaya to Jakarta without spare tires supplied. Or do you cross by boat Ferry boat with no life jacket or on the deck. If I give you a solution to buy a spare tire or a float without reducing investment, would you listen to the explanation I?

Well what do you think about the motivation of this insurance?

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Insurance Motivation 8 keys financial needs

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