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Insurance Tips Chose Insurance Losses The Right

Insurance Tips Chose Insurance Losses The Right -
Insurance Tips
You want to buy the insurance policy? Do not rush. There are several things to consider when determining what insurance products would you use, either for yourself or for your employer. These tips can help you.

1. Separate items / objects according to the calculation of economic
Choose items that really needs to be insured so you have nothing to lose. For example, if you intend to take fire insurance for your home and household furniture, then you do not need to enter the computer and all its accessories into the calculation. Why? Because the recovery value for the computer company is very low when compared to the current value of the computer or at the time of purchase will be insured. Another example, you would take the insurance of motor vehicles (cars) the company's assets. If the cars to be insured are aged over 10 years, the economic cost of the insurance premiums will be greater. Another case if the company can set up his / her own self-insurance vehicle assets.

2. Identify items / objects clearly
We recommend that you first identify the goods / objects to be insured. For example, the Toyota Corolla sedan in 1998. At the company, such as a garment factory and its machinery, generators and other equipment associated with the activity of the plant.

3. Choose an insurance company with a good reputation
Do not be fooled by insurance companies that provide premium rate (the amount paid for a unit of protection provided) is low or high premium pieces. If you do, can-can the insurance company can not settle a claim payment when you make a claim against them.

4. Give information clearly
Provide information about the object clearly will you insured to the insurer / insurance broker. Instead, ask for more information as the insurance products they offer. You can ask about the type of insurance, extensive warranties, rate premiums, deductibles (the amount of fees that you will pay before the insurance began paying compensation), discount or claim procedures.

5. Ask your insurance coverage (insurance coverage) is best
You should seek the broadest insurance bail before the insurance company issuing the insurance policy.
For example, for fire insurance Fire Insurance you can ask RSMD + + 4.1.A or 4.1.B earthquake (earthquake) + flood (flood). Property insurance for buildings, you can ask property cover all risks (PAR). If you want to insure a motor vehicle, ask your auto insurance covers all risks RSMD + 4.1.A, etc..

6. Choose a package of insurance products
Instead of just choosing one insurance product, it is advisable to choose one package at a time. That way you will get discount facilities and better service. For example, the purchase of home insurance (fire insurance) following cars (Car Insurance) and personal accident for the family members.

7. Ask the system "First Loss Insurance"
Especially for objects that have a value / number of very large, for example in the Rp100 billion, have the system of "first loss insurance" to the insurance so the premium you pay is not too big.

8. Ask the system "Adjustable Policy"
Value / amount of insurance stock merchandise typically exhibit different volume every day or every month. To fix this, you can ask the system "adjustable policy". With this system you will pay according to the volume / transaction really have done.

9. Read, thorough and asked
Carefully read and examine the content of the policy statement and its articles. Ask about the procedures that will claim you did before approving the issuance of insurance policies.
If there are errors in writing, whether the object of insurance or other information, immediately notify the insurer / insurance broker. They will soon issue a written improvement in the policy.

Once you have approved the issuance of the policy in question, have an original and a duplicate policy, complete with receipts as a sign of ownership and payment of insurance premiums

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Insurance Tips Chose Insurance Losses The Right

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