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PENSION FUND still hoping to bond loosened rules invetasi

PENSION FUND still hoping to bond loosened rules invetasi - Pension Fund

JAKARTA-performance of pension fund investments are expected to increase after the Capital Market Supervisory Agency and Financial Institution relaxes rules limit the placement of funds in corporate bonds.

Ariawan, a bond analyst Sucorinvest Central Gani, said the proposed relaxation of investment rules for pension fund bonds (Pension Fund) is a positive thing for the industry and the capital market.

"Pension Fund will be easier to achieve the investment target, as freely take bonds with higher yields," he told Business on Wednesday (10/10).

As for the stock market, he added, will increase the liquidity of bonds with ratings below single A. According to him, the bonds rated below single-A is less liquid because some investors, such as the Pension Fund, it is forbidden to touch the portfolio.

"Proposed rules would also lure companies to undertake bond issuance as investors increasingly diverse," he said.

Bapepam-​​LK will revise the Pension Fund investment restrictions on the bond portfolio is no longer just refers to the ranking, but also the liquidity of the bonds.

Dumoly F. Pardede, Head of Bapepam-​​LK Pension Fund, explains one point in the revision of the rating of the bonds is the minimum standard that can be absorbed by the Pension Fund. "I was thinking to revise it, just a matter of time for issuing the rules," he said recently,

According to him, the regulator will no longer look at ratings as the sole investment limit in bonds, but more on the liquidity of the bonds.

The current rules require the Pension Fund may only absorb bonds or debt securities with a rating of at least single A. This Regulation of the Minister of Finance (PMK) 199/PMK.010/2008 number of Pension Fund Investments.

Judul: PENSION FUND still hoping to bond loosened rules invetasi
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PENSION FUND still hoping to bond loosened rules invetasi

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