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Simple marketing strategies for leading brand products

Simple marketing strategies for leading brand products - marketing strategies

When faced with a big brand or a big brand is a leading brand in its category and the target is the target mass, then there are some simple things in Product Marketing Strategy to be considered by every media planner.

It needs to be discussed with the client, exactly as a recommendation or can also be a "warning" for the clients and also for Advertising agency media planner concerned before making pages and pages of detailed analysis slide.

In Indonesia leading brand that targets its products to the target mass must use the television as the primary medium in communicating with the target advertiser. One measure of success for the achievement of the target audience much achieved in such communication is TARPs (Target Audience Rating Points). Moreover TARPs may also indicate how frequently the target audience exposed to advertisements delivered via TV.

The greater the number of TARPs showed the more the target audience who see the ad or the more often your ad seen by the target audience. From the analysis of the media, it is stated that in mind advertising opportunities likely to be higher than its competitors lower TARPs.

Because it must always maintain the leading brand TARPsnya levels in total each year, higher than its nearest competitor competitors, especially if you do not want the opportunity to remember or awareness of her taken by competitors.

Several leading brands have been doing this every year that has a total TARPs greater than its competitors. From the analysis of the data, see also the case that competitors are trying to take over the leading brand TARPs levels. If this happens then the advertising agency or media planner should give warning to the client, because if it is left in a long time, then it is likely the presence of leading brand in the minds of the target audience will be distracted or defeated by its competitors and clients and the media planner must be aware more fatal consequences that the position of the brand in the market could be disrupted due to this factor.

TARPs total every year that should receive attention at the beginning and the basis for making marketing strategies more product details such as scheduling, selection of stations, programs, showtimes, qualitative considerations and others

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Simple marketing strategies for leading brand products

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