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Types of Insurance

Types of Insurance - insurance

A lot of insurance purchased consist of several categories, including property insurance, liability, health, disability, and life.

Property Insurance: Protects against loss of property-house, business, vehicle, or other property-is one of the most common forms of risk management. This type of insurance is often ignored, resulting in losses due to natural disasters or accidents.

Some home insurance policies include protection of certain items in the house. If this is the type you purchase, it is wise to make a list of items in the home that you are insured, if possible including photographs or video footage of these items. This list, along with the estimated value of the item or a receipt for purchase of goods should be stored in a secure location that is not in your home. Having these records can make filing a claim easier.

Insurance liabilities: Anyone drive a car, own a home or other real estate, running a business, or hire someone else has a duty in the form of an accident risk. And, the accident may result in damage to property or injury or death to others. The driver or owner of the property or business can be liable to pay for property repairs, medical care, or even the suffering of others. In many countries, employers and the law required car owners to have liability insurance to help pay these costs. Even in places that do not require insurance, a vehicle owner, property owner, or the employer should be held legally and morally responsible to help accident victims or their families.

Health insurance: Many countries have some form of state-sponsored insurance that provides benefits such as pensions for the elderly and medical care. Nevertheless, this kind of insurance only pays a portion of medical expenses or for certain medical treatments. Because of that, some people find private insurance to help them pay for the rest. In many places, workers receive health insurance as a condition of their employment.

Some health care programs, including managed care settings and health-keeping organizations (Health Maintenance Organization / HMO), providing comprehensive medical care for a monthly or annual fee specified. These organizations seek to reduce costs by providing medical care that is not expensive and with the introduction of preventive treatment. However, in an HMO, physician and patient choice for treatment can be more limited when compared to regular health insurance.

Disability insurance and life insurance: disability insurance provides income if one is injured and can not work. Life insurance provides financial assistance to people who have to be borne by someone if he dies. Insurance as it has allowed many families to pay off any outstanding debts and continue their routine lives after their main breadwinner injury or death.

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Types of Insurance

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