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Knowledge assets

Knowledge assets - Measuring intellectual capital is on the agenda of the most 21st century organizations. This paper takes a knowledge-based view of the firm and discusses the importance of measuring organizational knowledge assets. Knowledge assets underpin capabilities and core competencies of any organizations.

Therefore, they play a key strategic role and need to be measured. This paper reviews the existing approaches for measuring intellectual capital to non financial performance which integrates existing approaches in order to achieve comprehensiveness .
Conceptually, intellectual capital as being comprised of four primary components: human capital, customer capital, organizational capital, and innovation capital. A cover letter and questionnaire were mailed directly to the employees: staffs, supervisors, managers, and directors. This paper used non probability sampling method,and 103 questionnaires was returned back. An assestment of an organization's performance should include multiple measures.

Accordingly, we utilized a composite performance consisting of employee retention, customer retention, process quality, and innovation. Number of books and dozens of articles in profesional journals were devoted to the topic, discussing intellectual capital (IC) and its impact on the firm as we know it. We just knew that there was hidden value in their companies and that it was somehow wrapped up in the thoughts, skills, innovations, and abbilities of their employees. Finally, the final result found that intellectual capital influences to non financial performance.

Judul: Knowledge assets
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Knowledge assets

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