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Facebook Information: Ten Things Haram plastered on Facebook

Facebook Information: Ten Things Haram plastered on Facebook -

Facebook, the largest social network in the world, is now the identity search engine. Neither of the companies, surveillance, and law enforcement agencies. Also for hackers who want to create a false identity. O in networking account owner made by Mark Zuckerberg, consider these 10 things forbidden to appear on Facebook.

1. Date of birth Uncover the date of birth is dangerous. Because financial institutions usually require a date of birth information to the credit card or bank statement. Leaving date of birth visible, just open the door to identity theft.

2. Mother's middle name Remember, a lot of sites that use the middle name as the answer to a security question to remember keywords. Beware what you write about mothers in cyberspace.

3. Home address No need to share this information with friends, relatives, or former co-workers. Thieves now also know how to use Facebook. Especially if you write a status're traveling as a family. Already, a matter of time just drained the contents of the house these criminals.

4. Status away from home for a long time Writing status away from home for long periods means indulgence of information in cyberspace that your house is empty. If you do have to publish this status, it may be added that there is a guard, a dog, or a burglar alarm in the house.

5. Status away from home in no time Although cuman short, if you are constantly writing to check in at a place outside the home, the thief would'' aware'' that the residence is empty.

6. Photo ungracious You may have read that there are people who lost their jobs because they are being racist or obscene display the photo in cyberspace. So do not do it!

7. Complaining or angry Do not tell me to Facebook or Twitter if you are angry with the boss, admitted drunk and had drugs. Or claimed malingering.

Screenshot of your status could be evidence that harm the reputation, clients, and the fate of the profession. In Singapore, even the teenager who wrote the racist status could be arrested. Under the sedition law, anyone found guilty of spreading hatred between races or classes of the population in Singapore SIN can be fined $ 5,000 (USD 37 million) and a maximum of three years in prison.

8. Phone number Installing a phone number, then certainly you will be contacted by a lot of telemarketers, reconnaissance, and friends of friends who knows grandstanding.

9. Status countdown ahead of holiday Better write status after the holidays. Because, if before the holiday, known risk criminals who are ready to drain the contents of your home empty while.

10. Pictures of home interior Upload photos of your home contents to be a smooth road thief to assess the furniture you have.
Judul: Facebook Information: Ten Things Haram plastered on Facebook
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Facebook Information: Ten Things Haram plastered on Facebook

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