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CHEAP FLIGHTS serve 75% of the total passenger

CHEAP FLIGHTS serve 75% of the total passenger - citilink

JAKARTA: The number of passengers flying low-cost or low-cost carrier (LCC) in Indonesia is estimated to reach 75% of total passengers during 2012, namely 49.65 million during 2012.

No wonder the airlines compete to attract passengers to continue to expand.

Based on data from PT Citilink Indonesia, low cost airline, a subsidiary of PT Garuda Indonesia Tbk, Indonesia's total air passengers during 2012 an estimated 66.2 million people.

LCC aviation market growth in the country is on average 18% per year, while the overall market growth of national airlines (including full services) average of 16.3%.

Thus in 2015, LCC passengers expected to reach 80% or 72.48 million of the total 90.6 million people, "said the CEO of PT Citilink Indonesia Arif Wibowo when describing the business plan Citilink in Lombok, last weekend.

The high growth of LCC aviation market in the country is given Indonesia's economic growth that is sustained well above average 6% thereby increasing purchasing power.

Coupled with the growing middle economic class, and even middle class in Indonesia has reached over 100 million people.

Size of the Indonesian economy by gross domestic product (GDP) in six Asean countries contributed 43%, while in other Asean countries, Indonesia economic size reached 42%.

Based on the profile of transportation in Indonesia, the growth of the air transport market in 2011, the highest recorded 14.12% per year.

The growth of marine transportation diminishing the minus 11.81% in 2011, the railway grew 5.77% in 2011.

"This means no change in the pattern of using modes of transportation, from the user previously marine transport modes, switch to the aircraft," said Arif.

Judul: CHEAP FLIGHTS serve 75% of the total passenger
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CHEAP FLIGHTS serve 75% of the total passenger

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Joseph said...

How much in percentage you have to left if you are offering cheap flights but that is good for future reliability of passengers.

October 9, 2012 at 3:08 PM icon_financial
Financial And Advertising said...

I think depending on the population trends of a country, such as the my country of Indonesia 75% of cheap flights so in interest than the others, especially automobile transport more jams

October 10, 2012 at 8:50 AM icon_financial
zeetech yousaf said...

If you are talking about Muslim community its batter to offer cheap umrah packages instead of cheap flights it can create your loyalty and reliability among the customers.

January 14, 2013 at 1:18 PM icon_financial

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