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Insurance Meaning, History and The Present

Insurance Meaning, History and The Present -

Insurance What The Mean?

Insurance does not always equal investment from which a person can get his money back. It's not gambling. A gambler to take risks, while insurance offers protection against the risks that exist. Insurance is a way to share the risk with others.

Origins of Insurance

Insurance has been around for thousands of years. A form of credit insurance contained in the Code of Hammurabi, a collection of Babylonian laws that supposedly existed before the Law of Moses. To finance trading expeditions in the past, the ship owners obtain loans from investors. If a ship is damaged on the way, the owner is not responsible for paying back the loan. Because many ships safely home, interest paid by a shipowner sufficient to cover the risk of the borrower.

Similarly, in one of the world maritim most reputable insurance providers, Lloyd's of London, was born. In 1688, Edward Lloyd ran a cafe where the London merchants and bankers meet in a relaxed atmosphere for business. In this place that offers investors an insurance contract to write the names of the sailors sailors under a number of risks which they agreed to pay a sum of money, known as the premium. The guarantor is known in English by the term underwriter. Finally, in 1769, Lloyd's became the guarantor of a group that is growing to be a market leader in insurance underwriting risk shipping.

Today The Insurance

Today, when people buy insurance, they still share the risk. Modern insurance companies study the statistics that show the frequency of loss-for example, fire-workshop to predict what losses are likely to be suffered by their clients in the future. Insurance companies use the funds paid by many clients to compensate clients who suffered losses.

Do you need insurance? If so, what kind of insurance is right for your situation? And, whether you have insurance or not, what preventive measures can help you deal with the risks in life?

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Insurance Meaning, History and The Present

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