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Is there anyone who would Praying for Us?

Is there anyone who would Praying for Us? - A successful entrepreneur fell in the shower and finally a stroke. Already 7 nights in hospital in intensive care. At the moment the people asleep in a dream the night, in the world of the spirit of an angel approached the businessman who lay helpless. Angels began, "If within 24 hours there were 50 people prayed for your recovery, and you will live. And vice versa if the number in the last 24 hours that I set were not met, it means you will die! "If you are just looking for 50 people, it's easy mah .. . "Said the businessman with confident.

Is there anyone who would Praying for Us? 

After that the angel went away and promised to come one hour before the agreed deadline.
At exactly 23:00, the angel again visited him; enthusiastically the businessman asked, "Are you in the morning I had recovered? No doubt many who prayed for me, I have a number of employees more than 2000 people, so if you are just looking for 50 people who prayed certainly not a difficult issue.

" Gently the angel said, "Son, I've been around for conscience pray for you but until now only 3 people are praying for you, while your time to 60 minutes. It seemed impossible that in the near future there are 50 people who pray for your recovery. " Not waiting for a reaction from the employer, the angel showed a large screen TV in the form of 3 people who were praying for his recovery. On the screen was visible face of grief from his wife, there is next to two small children, the son of his daughter, who prayed fervently and look no tears on their cheeks."

The angel said, "I'll tell you why God longs to give you a second chance? That's because your wife is not prayer dashed hopes will kesembuhanmu " Return seen where the woman was praying morning at 2:00, "God, I know that for my husband's life was not a good husband or father! I know he has betrayed our marriage, I knew he was not honest in his business, and if he contributes, it's just for popularity only to cover up his actions were not right front of you. But God, please view the children whom thou hast Leave at us, they still need a father. Servants can not afford to raise them alone. "
And after that she stopped to speak but the tears flowing down his cheeks that looked gaunt from lack of rest. " Seeing the incident, without noticeably, tears running down her cheeks entrepreneurs. Arise regret that during this time he was not a good husband. And father who became an example for their children. Tonight he just realized how much love his wife and children to him. Time rolled on, when he had only 10 minutes left, saw a more narrow is the cry of the entrepreneur, extraordinary remorse. But the timing was too late! No way within 10 minutes there were 47 people prayed! With a half-muttered he asked, "

Are among my employees, my relatives, my business, my organization does not exist friends who prayed for me?" The angel replied, "There are some who say they do not buatmu.Tapi Sincere. There are even grateful for what you have suffered illness at this time. It's all because so far you are arrogant, selfish and not a good boss. Even you have the heart to fire employees who are not guilty ".

The businessman bowed weak, and resigned that tonight is the last night for him. But he asked for a moment to see the children and the wife of a faithful guard all malam.Air added heavy eyes, when he saw his eldest son sleeping in a hospital chair and the tired-looking wife is asleep in a chair while the bungsu.Ketika lap time shows at 24:00, suddenly the angel said, "My son, God sees your tears and sorrow! ! You did not die, because there are 47 people who are praying for you promptly at 24:00 ".

With amazement and disbelief, the businessman asked who the 47 people were. Smiling, the Angels showed a place he had visited last month. Is not that the Orphanage? said the businessman quietly. "Yes my son, you never give assistance to them a few months ago, even though I know your goal is simply to look at the popularity of it and to draw the attention of governments and foreign investors. ' "This morning, one of the orphanage is to read in the newspaper that a businessman had a stroke and was 7 days in the ICU.

After seeing the picture in the paper and believe that a man in a coma was you, a man who had helped them, and finally the children orphanage agreed to pray for your recovery. ' Prayer is powerful and effective. Quite often we are lazy. Do not have time. Not burdened to pray for others.
Judul: Is there anyone who would Praying for Us?
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Is there anyone who would Praying for Us?

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