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Insurance Claims, Problems and Solutions

Insurance Claims, Problems and Solutions - Insurance Claim

"" Insurance is easy entry of, but his insurance claims is difficult "," I pay a premium over the past two years, so the claims do not get paid, "or" Gee, I want to claim, but it is complicated, passed here and there. "Maybe that's a small part that is your minds, so you do not want to take an insurance policy.

Actually claim a right earned by each customer insurance. And of course the insurance company will pay the claim, when its liabilities of the customer fulfilled. Let us consider the mechanism of Claims, Claims that you'll get paid. And of course you are still antipathy / deny insurance so open-minded, so as immediately have the insurance policy.

The purpose of the claim is to provide benefits in accordance with the provisions of your policy. In order for claims to be processed and paid, note various important provisions regarding the filing of claims.

Before submitting a claim, make sure you have the appropriate benefits to those listed in your policy. Example: You only have life insurance only, it automatically if you file a claim hospitalization, certainly the insurance company not will pay the claim. So check and go back the insurance benefits you have taken, make sure you have insurance that will benefit you claim.

You must make sure, too, that your policy is still in a state of inforce / valid / active. So that you are always in a state policy inforce, make sure you make a payment / transaction on a regular basis (especially in the first two years, not until there is a hole).

Make sure also, Polis is not in the waiting period. That waiting period is a time of coming into force of your insurance coverage. Example: for the protection of hospitalization due to illness, such as diarrhea, dengue fever, urinary tract infections, typhoid, etc.. Waiting period is 30 days from the receipt of the insurance customers. Remember also that the requirement for a claim usually must be hospitalized, could be at least 1 x 24 minutes or 2 x 24 hours.

For those of you who use the card, immediately Number to the number listed on the card, so that the process is faster, or immediately contact your insurance agent. Definitely will help.

If you've ever policy lapse, make sure when submitting a claim, your policy is not in the waiting period and experiencing certain exceptions.

Make sure, too, claim that you're proposing is not an exception contained in the Policy. Example: You've had kidney stone surgery, well when you apply a policy, you are told to medical. And apparently the result medicalnya not good, so for the pain because of kidney stones are not covered. So if you make a claim because of kidney stones, auto insurance companies will not pay.

Well, after the above provisions fulfilled, the claim you filed MUST EQUIPPED with all the requirements and the required supporting documents.

So before the claim is made, check the criteria claim to be filed or contact your agent for help or you can consultant to MyClaimSource.com. After ensuring the above match, then as soon as possible to make a claim (claim submission), as it will speed up the claim process.

These General Stages of Claims Processing :
1) Claim Form completed by Insured / Participant / Policy Holder / Heirs (claims for death), to include a certificate from the doctor.

2) Insured / Participant / Policy Holder / Heirs submit documents supporting the claim to the insurance company, such as receipts, results of medical records, lab results, police report (if the claim for an accident), and other required documents.

3) Include Policy Number and Account Number with your right, and Signed Claim corresponding signatures that exist within the policy, include a self-identity as well (Photo ID Card Copy / Driving License / Passport). So make sure you have included Policy Number and Account Number Policyholder a clear, complete and correct.

4) Insurance Company will do validation and verification of the supporting documents to the Policyholder / Insured / Heirs and the doctor or hospital if necessary.

5) If the results of the validation and verification by the insurance company are in accordance with the regulations, the payment of claims will be processed by the claims.

6) Insurance benefits will be paid / transferred to the Policyholder / Insured / Participant / Expert Waris.Value Of Trust

By looking at the provisions above, the claim is no longer a complicated issue, the claim is a simple problem. Insurance company will pay your claim. So, make sure you have the insurance policy as a sign and love to the family, wife, husband, and the fruit of your heart. And make sure you choose the Right INSURANCE AGENTS, besides the Right Company. or if you feel less confident with any information you can check the claims and consulting on MyClaimSource.com - information on filing claims online.

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Aaron Grey said...

great article you covered all of it, this is a really good help for people having problems with their insurance policy. thanks!

October 25, 2012 at 5:39 AM icon_financial
Stacy Barbee said...

Insurance claim must be forwarded cautiously. Unnecessary claims raise the costs of insurance coverage. Even if you go out to buy a new policy for your property, the insurers check the prior claims history before determining the rates of coverage. If the cost for the repairs is less than the deducible for the policy, it’s advisable to pay for the damages on your own, rather than claiming against the policy. This is because the insurers consider an individual to be more of a risk if he or she has the habit of claiming against insurance policies at every possible opportunity. And it doesn’t need to be told that you’ll have to show valid proof for the accident and the damages when filing an insurance claim.

October 29, 2012 at 6:54 PM icon_financial

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