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7 Reasons Why You Will not Need Insurance

7 Reasons Why You Will not Need Insurance - insurance

I think if the "rating" google search above the title "7 Reasons Why You Will not Need Insurance"  high enough, words yes with different variants. This could be a "justification" for which the insurance is not important to you, at least for now.

Insurance becomes NOT IMPORTANT if you answer 7 questions below with the answer "NO", from now on:

1. Do you want to maintain your current lifestyle after retirement?
2. Do you want to get quality care when you are sick?
3. Do you want your children to get a quality education?
4. Do you want to pass on something of value to charity?
5. Do you want Guarantee Income Security in the coming years?
6. Do you want to avoid the crisis, because they do not have money?
7. Whether you want to insure your investment,  it can be enjoyed by wife and your kids?

Thanks to those of you who said "NO". For those of you who answered "yes", I believe, whether you, I, and all of us definitely want a glorious future, your children get a quality education in accordance with his ideals, help more people and bring happiness to those those we love.

It requires financial planning or insurance planing to achieve that goal. One way to realize the 7 questions is to have the Insurance Account.

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7 Reasons Why You Will not Need Insurance

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